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She told the Mail: "Aya is not a charity, it is a luxury brand of beautiful top quality stones and solid gold.But it won't neglect the communities from where they are sourced." Bizarre reported in early 2018 how Georgia Toffolo was secretly dating Charles Goode - whom Chelsy was rumoured to be engaged to.She was a regular fixture on the London party scene and at well-heeled parties and polo matches, and also took a post-graduate degree in law at Leeds University so she could be closer to her man.Over the next few years, Chelsy was by Harry's side as he attended Sandhurst, supported him when he was banned from going to fight in Iraq and there when he returned from a secret mission to Afghanistan.The pair had guns held to their heads and forced to lie on the floor of a bar while their assailants patted them down for valuables.They were told the first person to look up would be shot.

It reopened in 1945, with Robert Mackenzie as a manager.The 32-year-old was studying law when she met the hunky prince. Chelsy was born in Zimbabwe and grew up on her millionaire father's game reserve which was twice the size of Surrey.Her mum Beverley Donald is former Miss Rhodesia 1973, and she has an older brother called Shaun.By 1962, SMD decided that a major refurbishment was in order, with the stills converted to steam heating, and electricty installed throughout the distillery.Furthermore, the steam engine and waterwheel were replaced, as were the stills, though the replacements were created to be exact replicas of the old stills.

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