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The Guangdong-based company announced it aims to acquire 100% of Zhenai’s shares, and has entered a preliminary share purchase agreement with Zhenai’s controller Li Tao.The deal is currently being finalised, but the two parties have not yet signed a formal agreement.A human resources website along with an online matchmaking platform released a report on single professionals' dating needs Thursday, showing "programmer" is the job which has the highest rate of singles in China.The report was published online by Zhaopin.com, one of China's leading recruitment websites, and Zhenai.com, an online dating platform.Founded in 2004, last year Zhenai revealed it had over 100m registered users and reported annual revenues of 5.6m.The dating business also posted net profits of m in the October 2016 filing.

Zhenai even has more than 800 matchmakers at call centers throughout China. Huatian 花田 Huatian (Flower Field) is an online dating platform launched by Netease, one of China’s most popular web portals.

It is designed to help Chinese singles find marriage.

Jiayuan now has over 100 million registered users and 4.9 million monthly active users.

Users have to register with their identification card number or mobile phone number.

Compared with other sites, Huatian is more suitable for young people and at present its services are all free. Youyuan 有缘网 rises abruptly with the fast development of mobile Internet.

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