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The Air Gateway below is what we will use for the wireless router as it makes for a nice little package.

Ubnt Air Gateway – This is also made by Ubiquiti and is a very little wireless Wi-Fi router like any wireless router you may have used.

It is made by Ubiquiti which is a carrier grade company.

As such, it is not as consumer friendly with wizards and the like, in other words, it is not a fancy looking user interface as it is geared towards someone who knows what they are doing.

But one thing is for sure, you will have a much better way of connecting to them as well as having a secure Wi-Fi setup inside your coach or RV.

This also means you will be able to connect your wireless printer and print to it any time.

You set it up the same way and then just use the one you want.) 5Ghz is a less crowed frequency not most parks currently do not offer it.

Now as a reminder, even though you will have a much better chance connecting to the RV parks Wi-Fi service, that does not mean you will have better Internet.

The speed depends on a number of things, from the amount of data bandwidth they have coming into the park, to how many people may be on the Wi-Fi network using it.

Or the park could even be limiting speed per user among other things.

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