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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.

AT THE END OF THE DAY, PURPLE WILL ALWAYS APPEAR PURPLE.While consummation did not fully occur the event itself definitely cemented my feelings for her. Note: All those guys asking someone to email them the story are hilarious, please whatever you do, do not email them. (and another side note, I laughed at every "mfw" reply in the other topic, so don't overdo it but realize I appreciate those) Getting on the plane was so difficult.It felt like a nightmare when I landed back in the states, back to my family, back to my normal basement-filled existence with only my vidya games and my online friends for company."I'm too small." I remember her saying that, as it mirrored her statement about being too short to kiss.I assured her she wasn't, that I just didn't know what I was doing, and one day we could maybe try again. And that was enough to have me jacking off like a maniac yet again. I was happy about this, as it was one year closer to being an acceptable age, even if it was still horribly young when I thought about it - thought about me, acne and braces, at 13. A five year difference meant literally nothing by the time she was...18? I tried to push the definition, wondering where the line would be.

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