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In the wake of the attack on Kvitova, here is a list of other players who had come under similar attacks.

Monica Seles No one can forget when Steffi Graf fan Guenter Parche, a 38-year-old unemployed tool maker, plunged a 23cm-long knife into Monica Seles’ back during a changeover in a tournament in Hamburg in April 1993.

SN28039711- 31 March 1997 - HAMBURG, GERMANY- Parents of Tennis great Monica Seles, mother Esthel and father Karoly Seles, seen here in a file photo.

The father of former WTA-ranking first place tennis player Monica Seles is reporteed to by dying of cancer.

Brittney Griner The American basketball superstar was cut on the elbow and a teammate was also attacked by a man wielding a knife in China in 2014.

Griner was the victim of what was called a random attack as her Beijing Great Wall team was boarding a bus after practice.

As the 203cm tall Griner was wearing a winter coat, the knife barely cut her skin and she didn’t require stitches.

In retaliation, Otavio drew a knife and repeatedly stabbed Abreu.

Seles also stood behind 6-2 in a first-set tiebreaker. Of course, by April 1993, Seles had hoarded seven of the previous nine Grand Slam titles for a personal total of eight as a burgeoning object in the rear-view mirror of Graf's then-total of 11.

In one of the most astounding things I ever saw on TV, Seles hoarded the next six points. The generation had produced somebody who could render the mighty Graf secondary. 2 ranking enraged the unhinged man who stabbed Seles from behind, from the base of the stands, in a turn of life still half-impossible to believe.

In a 1989 French Open semifinal, a 15-year-old Seles won a set against Graf, pretty darned near a feat at that time.

In the 1990 French Open final, a 16-year-old Seles stood in there in her first Grand Slam final against a great Graf who had reached -- astonishingly -- her 13th straight Grand Slam final, winning nine of the previous 12.

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