Who is he dating justin bieber

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Justin’s paternal grandmother is Kathleen “Kathy” Arnold (the daughter of Jack Arnold and Florence Alice Kennedy).

Justin’s great-grandfather Jack was born in Poole, Dorset, England, the son of George Arnold and Kate Elizabeth Rattew.

It is not clear if this ancestry has ever been verified/documented.

Justin’s paternal grandfather is George Bieber (the son of Hiram Albert Bieber and Ellen Anne Mary Loretta Egan).

Estelle was the daughter of Joseph-Roland Garneau Germain and Marie-Alphonsine-Germaine Breton. None of them think he’s part Inuit lol Log in to Reply I honestly think that people don’t always look like their ethnicity! This girl is Eurasian, but I bet you’d think she was just white. (If someone makes a mistake on the computer u dnt hav 2 be a azz about it its not like people r perfect and if jb is hispanic then they could hav made a mistake on the research so dnt say him he is ushamed of his race B. W i doubt he is hispanic.) Log in to Reply this kid is clearly part asian or some sort of mongoloid mix. his eyes are very mongoloid looking, nose, mouth, shape of his face and so on.. Log in to Reply Your probably of mongoloid and badly want a good looking white boy to be asian.

Justin’s matrilineal ancestry traces back to Marie Meilleur, who was born, c. I am mostly Italian, with very distant Irish dating back to the 1800’s, yet I have red hair and green eyes with freckles and pale skin- typical Irish features. I’m enough per cent that in Canada I can get free gas, ” Bieber said Log in to Reply he is not only french and german there might be something different in his ancestry in both germany and france there are not so many people who look like him he has something jewish/exotic maybe something native in his blood but its very possible that he might have italian ancestors Log in to Reply Is this comment actually serious. Well sorry to burst your bubble, he is a white boy.

He was discovered on You Tube by Scooter Braun, who later became his manager.

Justin’s patrilineal line traces back to Philippe Bieber, an ethnic German who was born, c.

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