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“The camera looks into your soul, and it looked into Ali’s,” says her She was also a fashion icon.

Every girl in America in the early 70s wanted to look like Ali Mac Graw.

“She exemplified this great American style,” recalls Calvin Klein.

“In the beginning, there was that rich-hippie period.

He was a motorcycle-racing reform-school kid who had worked as a towel boy in a brothel, had spent 41 days in the brig as a Marine, and generally had the kind of street cred Jack Kerouac would have killed for.

Theirs was one of the great love affairs of the past century.

But it went beyond that, and her style put her among the greats: Katharine Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, C. Guest, Babe Paley.”“Every girl in America wanted to Ali,” says Robert Evans, who, the public shattering of their marriage notwithstanding, has been her dear friend for four decades.

Evans continues: “The 10 top box-office names of 1971 were nine men and one woman, and that woman was Ali.” Sue Mengers says, “I can’t think of another movie star who became as big as she became overnight.” was a phenomenon.

Her stiff, untutored acting was additionally intriguing.

Mac Graw’s romanticism has sometimes been “her undoing,” says Candice Bergen.

The actress is rapturous about her friend—“You fall in love with her; she’s always been more alive than most others, so artistic and enchanted, with that refined, intellectual, bohemian glamour and a little bit of the Bedouin”—but she, like many other friends, worries that Mac Graw always asks for less than what she gives, and accepts that skewed equation far too gracefully.“Ali was a saint, Steve was a prick” is agent Sue Mengers’s typically blunt way of putting it.

Mac Graw’s generosity is constant, her friends say.

“She takes a necklace off and says, ‘You’ll look great in this,’” says Ruth Ansel, a former art director of just as hard up as I am!

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