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Each was fined 4 and sentenced to five davs in jail. Deeds Goes to Town :00 Here Come the Brides :00 Lennon Sisters : 00 News, Weather, Sports :30-Joey Bishop : 00 Million Dollar Movie: "Story of Lynn Stuart CH. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Indiana's weather forecast today looked as if it were left over from September. Dew and dampness again quickly forms about one hour before sunset.14 THURSDAY Huntley-Brinkley Runyon-Etzel Report -Weather With Wilson Mc Lean on Sports Sound of Children Bob Hope, "Roberta" Dean Martin News, Weather, Sports ll:30Tonight Show CH. As temperatures began climbing after a frosty morning, the Weather Bureau said the mercury would soar as high as 76 Friday in central and southern areas and up to 74 in the north. Thus only about six hours of the day are actually involved in drying on the best sunny, good, dry, days and far less on cloudy days. 75 48 Omaha, clear 68 44 Philadelphia, cloudy 50 41 .42 Phoenix, cloudy 81 52 Pittsburgh, cloudy . This may take both sod and bare soil temperature maximums back into the 50s for part of the day in central and south and in upper 40s north.

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