Updating an old headboard and footboard

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You will want to sand, prime and paint them in this position. Then, once the primer is dry, turn them over and prime the other side.3- Paint – Once the primer is completely dry, you can paint each side, let it dry and then turn them over and paint the other sides.

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Martha Stewart learns how antique bed frames are made to fit modern sized beds from Jeffrey Jenkins of Leonard's New England.

The construction takes nearly a day of precision-oriented work, but TOH general contractor Tom Silva will help you along.

Visit How to Build a Spindle Headboard to watch the video and pick up a step-by-step guide.

Subtly accessorize with old-school charm by repurposing an old wooden door.

Though these sturdy oak, maple, chestnut and mahogany doors are typically too tall for a queen size bed, they can be cut from either end and fitted with a top of crown molding that makes for a handy display ledge.

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