Updating a ps3

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We will continue to update the thread with more info as it becomes available.----------------------Today a new patch was released for both Play Station 3 (25601) and Xbox 360 (25238), which lays the groundwork for us to allow character exports between current-gen and next-gen console platforms. My game ran fine always logged in on PSN until THIS PATCH.

Although some players have been able to update just fine, there are reports from others that the game is locking up on the PS3. While I can't say for sure, I am pretty sure all the proper ports are forwarded and UPn P SHOULD be turned on.

I followed the link the Blizzard admin suggested for Diablo 3 port forwarding settings, and opened up 80, 1119, 3074, and 6881-6999 on my router, for the PS3After that I repeated all the original steps (logout of PSN, etc ), but switching back to online mode did not crash me out.

The port forwarding fixed the issue, and I can play online just fine. I had to disconnect a forwarding protocol for xlive (thinking a controller on another pc, as we don't HAVE a 360 in the house) to be able to forward port 3074, but now it works.

It could've been coincidental that the server happened to be back up at this time, but I would just follow the steps as written above.

Not signing in until you are prompted to, in the game itself, stopped the freezing issue completely.

As such, we are currently working to resolve this with a minor patch - although we don’t yet have the exact ETA for when this patch will be pushed, we don’t expect it will be too much longer from now.

Secondly, since update cannot run in the background(not even the download) your Play Station can’t be used during this time.

Pretty unamused that I needed to manually configure my damn ps3 for an ip, and port forward it just to be able to use psn properly while playing this, and would really prefer to change my settings back once you have this fixed.

No question now, that port issue is what was hanging D3 on my ps3.

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