Tree ring cross dating software

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This method allows scientists to measure the passage of time a lot farther back than the lifespans of living trees. They then match the patterns in dead trees to other trees. This ensures that the estimates aren’t misled by variations in growth patterns of different species.) In this way, scientists establish a hypothetical series of rings, some thin and some thick, going back thousands of years for each species.

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So conclusions about tree-ring ages depend on radiocarbon dating, which depends on tree rings, which depends on radiocarbon dating.

When you hear the name Methuselah, what do you think of?

Many of us think of Noah’s grandfather, who was 969 years old and the oldest man in the Bible.

These days Methuselah is the old-earth poster child of Bill Nye “the Science Guy” and other secular science debaters who say we have proof that the earth is older than the Bible says.

Tree rings, ice cores, and other natural records of seasonal changes, they say, prove the earth is old and the Bible’s account of history can’t be true.

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