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Here, edited and condensed, is our conversation: I know you’re marking the 10th anniversary of again.Our fans have wanted [it], and Tim and I, we’ve always kind of worked under the rule of don’t do things unless there’s some real inspiration there.So I did it in a game, and I hung on the net and my team went crazy. Comedian-vintner Eric Wareheim has been busy on the wine scene lately: releasing his first cuvée of pét-"not," bottling a carbonically-macerated, no-sulfur-added Mendocino Charbono, manipulating the Wine poll "Who Is America's Next Top Celebrity Winemaker? This week finds the taller half of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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I was really not that good at sports, but I was really tall [and] I could slam dunk — the coolest thing you can do in basketball. "Tim and Eric: 10th Anniversary Awesome Tour." 8 p.m.

So this year, we just kind of felt that we had something to say. is that we try to present it in this special way, to the best of our abilities, and then it falls apart, instantly.

Literally, it’s a train wreck, and then within that train wreck is where we find the comedy.

Call it habit or "intangible cultural heritage," as UNESCO does, the tradition of winemaking with qvevri is the subject of the new documentary Our Blood Is Wine, which premiered in February at the Berlin Film Festival; it has since become available to stream on i Tunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and You Tube, and the DVD will be out May 22.

Directed by Emily Railsback, the film depicts the culture of winemaking throughout the former Soviet Republic; though the qvevri survived the area's many occupations from the Ottomans to the Soviets, the Georgian government in recent years has turned its focus to mass-produced, mostly sweet wines destined for the Russian market.

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