Status validating the destination file paths

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You can then create links to these named anchors, which quickly take your visitor to the specified position.Creating a link to a named anchor is a two-step process.The cache file is updated invisibly as you add, change, or delete links on your local site.In addition to having Dreamweaver update links automatically whenever you move or rename a file, you can manually change all links (including e‑mail, FTP, null, and script links) so that they point somewhere else.If the same message appears again after scanning again, the cause could be a mixed network, or else network settings were changed during WSD scanner transmission.For details about network error, contact your administrator. Do not turn off the main power switch while this message is displayed.For details about the settings for scan function, see "Relationship between Resolution and Scan Size", Scan.Check the maximum number of characters which can be entered, and then enter it again.

Operations are not possible while this message is displayed.

You can use the Property inspector and the Point-To-File icon to create links from an image, an object, or text to another document or file.

Dreamweaver creates the links to other pages in your site using document-relative paths.

Dreamweaver does not change files in the remote folder until you put the local files on or check them in to the remote server.

To make the updating process faster, Dreamweaver can create a cache file in which to store information about all the links in your local folder.

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