Speed up macro screenupdating

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If you are not changing the value, only reading it, then you will want to pass By Val (By Value). If I had a penny for every time I saw someone use . I generally only use the Macro Recorder when I want to see how to programmatically write out something quite complex (it will do it all for me). The amount of lines of code I look at on a daily basis are in the thousands, and it takes me at least 4 times as long to understand WTF you have done because there are no comments.

Outside could mean another method, or another class.Create a global sub that logs errors I usually set this on a module named "Globals".Public Sub g Write Log(p File Name, p Message) On Error Resume Next '* you don't want an error occurring when trying to log an error!Next i I rarely see people using Public and Private Sub Routines and Variables.I'm assuming this is because people are not sure what they both do!

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