Speed dating esl icebreaker

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You’ll need a world map for this activity, so grab an empty bulletin board and get one up before you start.Give each student two pushpins or straight pins to put on the map.You may never have wanted to try speed dating, but your students will definitely love this icebreaker twist on it.For intermediate and advanced students, it’s a fun, active way to get to know lots of people in class in a short amount of time—and it provides excellent practice for real-world conversation your students may have when they meet native English speakers. Call out another icebreaker question and give students a minute to answer before rotating again.This fun writing icebreaker works well with students that are at least at an upper-beginning level.

Students take turns reading the facts written on the plane and trying to guess whose it was. If you like, you can tailor the facts students write to what you’re studying.Using the sound of the canister only, they should then find the person/people who have the same item in their container.By limiting students to the sound of their item and permitting them to listen only to their own canister, students will have to describe what they hear to find their match, which will give them good speaking practice.This listening-based icebreaker can be a bit of a challenge for beginning students.So keep it for intermediate to advanced students or tailor your questions to the language level of your students.

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