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It’s common advice not to mention kids in an interview when you can avoid it, but that’s because you’re trying to avoid discrimination from people who think “Oh, she’ll never be able to stay late” or “Will she call out when her kid is sick?

” It’s not because your interviewer might be having trouble conceiving and so will reject you for mentioning your own child. Frankly, I think the old advice about never mentioning the existence of your kids in an interview is becoming outdated — it’s pretty common now to hear perfectly strong candidates say things like “I’m looking for a job with less travel because I have young kids” or “I moved back here after having kids because I wanted to be closer to family.” There’s more of an understanding these days that normal humans often have kids and we don’t have to pretend in interviews that they don’t — and especially if you’re a candidate with lots of options, you may want to screen out employers who aren’t family-friendly.

The Book Club The Book Club is an all day venue for every taste, crafting masterful cocktails with a good selection of wines and a quite wide range of food.

You can have something as cheap as chips or decide to share a platter; however hungry you are, The Book Club will be provide something suitable.

The Book Club's next speed dating event is on Monday 24th May - tickets are £10, including a glass of wine.

I have been job searching for entirely far too long.

It’s fine to say you’re a huge movie buff and do a lot of reading, or that you’re an obsessive consumer of news and read the Guardian a lot.It doesn’t have to be a hobby in the “I play Ultimate Frisbee” sense; interviewers are just trying to get know a little more about you than what’s on your resume.Assistant District Attorney Andy Barber is blindsided when his teenage son, Jacob, is charged with murder. I have seen it many times: an ADA is irreplaceable one day, forgotten the next.But that’s often how it goes.) It sounds like you could also say you love exploring the area — that you attend a lot of festivals and community events (yes, you’re taking your kid, but it’s still true).For people who don’t have anything that would typically be considered a hobby, it’s fine to say “I have a lot of family in the area who I see often, which is great” or “I’m trying to get better at cooking” (assuming you nominally cook) or “Right now I’m spending a lot of time fixing up my house” (which doesn’t have to mean major construction work; it can mean you’re on a closet organizing kick) or whatever ways you actually like spending time.

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