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Thus, you should always return a nice, human-readable representation of the model from the The logic here is that if you change the URL structure of your objects, even for something simple such as correcting a spelling error, you don’t want to have to track down every place that the URL might be created. Both of these methods will perform their queries using the default manager for the model.If you need to emulate filtering used by a custom manager, or want to perform one-off custom filtering, both methods also accept optional keyword arguments, which should be in the format described in .By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

You can read and set this value, just as you would for any other attribute, and it will update the correct field in the model.The example below shows how one can reload all of the instance’s fields when a deferred field is reloaded: This method should be used to provide custom model validation, and to modify attributes on your model if desired.For instance, you could use it to automatically provide a value for a field, or to do validation that requires access to more than a single field: .The Read/Write Public Yahoo Profiles scope will only provide read and write access to those elements that the user has marked as public or shared with connections. Time zones must be identified using the identifiers of the tz database (See class Dating(object): def __init__(self): self.members=[] My_People=Dating() My_People.members.append(Person("Jack","Male", False)) My_People.members.append(Person("Jill","Female", True)) My_People.members.append(Person("George","Male", True)) My_People.members.append(Person("Sandy","Female", False)) class Person(object): ...

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