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The Bible says you are either gathering for Him or scattering away from Him.

When you preach a false gospel or say things on behalf of God He has not said, you are not gathering to Him.

At the same time, people in Germany also leave the church in order to avoid paying a church tax for members.

According to a survey conducted in 2017 by the website Kirchenaustritt (church exit), about 45 percent of people who officially left the church did so to avoid paying the church tax, which also applies to members of Jewish congregations as well.

And although new members partly made up for that shortfall, fewer children are being brought into congregations by their parents.

"The decline in membership is less demographic than due to the fact that the tradition of faith in families, communities and schools does not function sufficiently," journalist Andreas Püttmann, author of "Society without God" told German newswire DPA.

It is no wonder that Bolz, who calls himself a prophet, would be so misinformed. His premise is derived from the falseness at Bethel. Not content with the he could make from the book, Bethel allowed him to translate this into an 8 week E-course on Bethel TV for . Bolz received from push back from this latest attempt to fleece the flock and he took to Social Media today to offer up the following defense which only further makes it obvious how false and poorly taught he is: "When it comes to my critics I am usually living in a bubble.

Johnson routinely allows anyone to come up to the altar and "prophesy" during "prayer" services at Bethel.

In fact, he is a breathtakingly arrogant, false prophet.

He not only pretends to hear from God but he commits outright blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by pretending he can teach the gifts of the spirit when the Bible expressly says only the Holy Spirit gives the gifts as He sees fit.

Not only that but he has the gall to charge people for pretending to teach them the gifts.

The Bible is replete with admonition after admonition against false prophets in our day. We are taught that they are the cause of division in the church.

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