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So you'll definitely be wanting to tune in at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Sunday, April 8 (Midnight on Monday, April 9 in the UK) for all the action from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.To prepare you for the big day, Digital Spy has you covered with everything you need to know, including the full match card and all our predictions. People have been predicting that Roman Reigns will beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania for four years now.Charlotte has made short work of recent pretenders to her throne, especially those in the Riott Squad, but Asuka is a whole different story.This has the potential to be the match of the night, and we think that Asuka is just too strong, too experienced and too invulnerable to lose.We're going to opt for a returning Nikki to get back into things with a big win here, though the most important thing will be to set up some new, varied and interesting storylines for ALL the women on Raw and Smack Down after Wrestle Mania.What started as a cheap and easy way to get a few more guys on the card at Wrestle Mania has now become an institution in a few short years.And with the match taking place on Rusev Day, the Bulgarian is busy going for the United States Championship .After his recent DELETION, we're going for a reborn, reincarnated, rejuvenated Bray Wyatt to get that winning Wrestle Mania moment after FOUR consecutive losses on the big stage.

Whether or not he can FINALLY win over the vast majority of fans... That's one victory that may just forever be beyond him.

Lesnar and Reigns both soak up a fair amount of boos from the fans, regardless of what they do, with Reigns taking the brunt of it week in week out.

If this goes bell to bell without interruption, it still has the potential to be a classic.

But Asuka hasn't been beaten once in a singles match since she came to the WWE.

Not in NXT, where she passed over the title without a loss, and not up here either.

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