Rosario dawson dating jay z

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“She’s not that dope,” he nonchalantly added to the conversation. “She’s not,” he continued as we tried to convince him, listing numerous standout qualities. I don’t know, but her nose ruins it for me.” Silence. Her logic, which I agree with today, was that once one gets over the illusion of perfection (and the definite disillusion that it causes) one can engage in a relationship more honestly. The only problem is that I know notice elongated earlobes, different sized breasts (most women’s breasts are two different sizes so I don’t use this one anymore…word), odd shaped noses, etc. Consequently, after my friend’s revelation, I no longer see Rosario Dawson and all her fine-ness as heavenly.

He simply shook his head, unconcerned with our arguments and ultimately undeterred. She’s still amazingly pretty, but, now, I notice the nose first.

She was spotted by the famous director Larry Clark while playing in the garden.

Right after that she was caste to one of the sensational movie that got lot of public and critics attention due to highly sexual content.

Rosario Dawson is speaking out about the Time’s Up campaign’s movement to have celebs wear black to the Golden Globes and how those not attending can join them.

Rosario has maintained the same shine in personal life as she does in her acting field.She is blessed with goddess like body followed by perfect height and body measurement.Rosario Dawson height stand as 5 feet 8 inch followed by her shoe size 9.Having the multiple profession as American actress, Singer, Writer and model, she is best known for her roles as Claire Temple in Jessica Jones in Marvel’s series Daredevil.Born and raised in New York, she is the daughter of Isabel Celestine and Patrick C. Patrick being the biological father has no specific role in raising the Dawson as she was solely handle by her step father Greg Dawson.

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