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If the AG followed his orders and it actually is illegal then what's the point of having an AG? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk I like that I am pretty middle of the road and get to see that when 1 President starts signing executive orders he's a dictator, when another one does it, they are a hero.

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As a citizen who cares about this country this type of behavior should scare the shit out of you. What she was doing was critical to her position as AG. at least not until we look deeper into it they shouldn't be fired. And since there was no cause then how can she be fired? Btw..resembles alot of what happened to Nixon that lead to them trying to impeach him. Ithe doesn't matter if he brings a few jobs to the country. My focus is that the AG told Trump it was illegal and therefore couldn't support or enact the ban. Whether she was right or wrong is not an issue either.

The AG tasked an oath to uphold the constitution...does the Prez. The AG prime function is make sure the law is upheld. The prez job is to uphold the constitution and by firing her is the opposite. In the end he doesn't behave as if the law means anything. What Obama did was not the same once you open up the case and research it. Cause if he allowed her to do her job the next step would be to see if it did qualify as within the law.

the closest historic parallel to this law is the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 that banned Chinese laborers from coming to the U. This is part of the checks and balances system to maintain democracy. Also imo he knows it's illegal and that's why he is ramroding it thru.

The Democrats lost their moral highground by the way many acted after the election. Your talking about Obama and trying to explain this with that. All I'm saying as a tax payer citizen is that if my AG makes a prez hold on an executive order then good!!

Now it seems the Republicans are the tolerant party and the Dems are delusional. All I'm saying as a tax payer citizen is that if my AG makes a prez hold on an executive order then good!! Presidents with all there exec orders is really getting out of hand.

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