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I hate it when they write people out of the story with no explanation or solid reasoning. Does the pretty young mom find another husband and father for her daughter?

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i did watch masters sun on you tube...later they removed those videos from that link..was my first sbs drama... Watching Scandal on MBC now, it's interesting so far but with 36 eps you never know how it will turn out.Ye-Rin is off doing penance and of course everybody is worried sick about her and are searching Seoul for her (she went back to the orphanage where she grew up to work and then on to a shabby room to punish herself) while she miraculously has shed her mental illness and sociopathic behavior, just as everyone on this board predicted.No prison or psych wards in her future unfortunately.Why did they stop including Seyoung's brother and his wife. :( It is so sad that Yerin dies in an accident, but she ables to forgive se young and become a true siblings together....Who invited the great Shim Hye Jin to act in a series and gave so little to do? Despite that Yerin is bad girl in the previous episodes, Yerin ables to become a good girl. Yeri die after driving Seyoung to get married, but got into a car accident, both not to hurt, but Seyoung in daze, so Yeri he help her out of the car, put her on the side ofe road, ran back to the car to get something, in the back seat of the car look down pick up the Seyoung flower, call out to Seyoung waving the flower at Seyoung, then race back to Seyoung with the flower, car racing down, then hit Yeri, she die, after her death, An Jung-Hyo father needed a transplant, and since Yeri die, transplant from yeri was giving to An Jung-Hyo father etc...was very ill.

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