Ps3 has problems updating

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When such simple maintenance and/or updating utilities can cause such disruption; this really is something that needs to be addressed by console manufacturers, especially when you consider how much we pay for them.

I hope it gets resolved quickly and, more importantly: without any financial burden. I find since I've been playing on PS3s that they are more fragile when it comes to any maintenance. If you take a look around the internet, a lot of the same problems, but at the same time the problems are completely different in other cases. And I would think if my ps3 is fried because of their update, it shouldn't come out of my pocket. I was just sitting down to play some GTA Online with a friend of mine, and had to update to 4.66.

After all the files on my PS3 would fit on my flashdrive, I turned the PS3 off and after that I used the video reset.

Then, I made a backup using the option in 'system settings'.

Literally the same exact issue you have had just happened to me.

No video or audio, can't get it into safe mode, etc...

I decided to turn it off, which was probably a bad idea. If you can't get into safe mode at all, power it down completely or unplug it and let it sit for 30 minutes, then try again to restart in safe mode.

I only have a 16 GB flashdrive so I had to delete some installs via the game data utility.

I like that updating my Sony systems is like playing Russian Roulette. Since the patch at least I have been having DNS issues almost non-stop. Mine downloaded all the way, then installed to 99% and froze. I was on ps4 last night, then remembered there was a ps3 update so turned the ps3 on just to update.

Trying to download a patch for Uncharted 2 and it doesn't even get to 1% overall before I lose my connection. I've tried that many times and it still won't work. Could be unrelated but as I just got it back from being repaired once, I really don't want to shell out to have it fixed again. It kept doing this on a loop all night, until I noticed the console was on before I left for school. I noticed it sat at the 99% mark for 3 or 4 minutes and finally finished and installed.

I restarted the playstation and prompted it to install the update from the flashdrive.

I opted for it to shutdown after the update was finished. As you would expect, my PS3 copied the files to the system storage, restarted and began installing.

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