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Will they find love and friendship in the meantime? But you can't judge a book by its cover, and Bella just might faint when she discovers who's reading her fic! An AH fic-in-a-fic and a fluffy salute to this fandom. Bella Swan is a lost Girl, leaving everything she knows behind.

A/H, M, E/BAfter a mortifying first meeting, fanfiction writer Bella finds story inspiration in her distracting new neighbor. When her Truck breaks down on a Phoenix highway, beautiful stranger Edward Cullen offers her a ride, will she take it? AH, OOC, CANON COUPLES, M FOR LEMONSAlice is determined to find Bella the perfect man but Bella is just not interested at the moment. Will they find happiness with each other, or will something bigger tear them apart? Bella moves back to folk in hope that her daughter Leah will get better, then Leah makes friends with the boy next door and maybe a father's love is just what the daughter ordered.

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It's there she reconnects with her father, and forms a bond with the next-door neighbor.

* AH/OOCThe gang survives an unspeakable tragedy and are left wondering, how will they cope? A/HBella Swan is a physician assistant student trying to survive a grueling clinical year. Edward Cullen, a cocky, irresistible ob/gyn resident. Two lost souls collide in the stillness between hope lost and found. Everyone needs a little something to believe in sometimes."After having her heart broken, Bella wanders into a small coffee shop where she meets Edward; her coffee bean guy. Edward & Bella are graduate students in London 'coincidentally' researching the same poets. After Edward leaves, Bella sees her only chance at a normal life is with Jacob, but it only leads to more pain.

Throw in some chocolate, sprinkle with a few of Bella's quirky theories about life, and see what happens. His red fitted hat and smile helps to ease her pain. More than 300 years after the fact, Carlisle & Edward must find out why Carlisle's past won't stay there - before Bella digs it up researching her thesis. What happens when Edward comes back for her and finds her different? E/B & J/BPlease note- On June 1, 2014, Impact was removed from this site.

/groups/tufano79/ - Tufano79 Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation. If you want to have sneak peeks, discuss Twilight and other good fanfiction, come join my group. However, if one of them get pulled by the MODs, I will leave permanently. And the blog for Caught in the Flames: h t t p : / / tufano79citf (dot) blogspot (dot) com /Renovations Trilogy: h t t p : / / tufano79renovations (dot) blogspot (dot) com /So You Think You Can Dance (new story to be posted in January): h t t p : / / tufano79sytycd (dot) blogspot (dot) com /Just remove the spaces and the (dots).

An encounter with a dark mysterious stranger leaves Bella puzzled. Bella fights to leave her past behind, but will she be able to let love in?

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