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Seamus immediately turned the bike around and retraced their route. "Well," said one of the farmers, " he was alright when we found him here .. " Pat said, "Well, I have and I haven't." His friend asked, "Shure, and what d'ye mean by that? I saw a chap who I thought was Mulligan, and he saw a chap that he thought was me.

When after a short time he came to a turn and saw a bunch of farmers standing around Paddy who was sitting on the ground. And when we got up to one another..was neither of us."Irishman finds a Genie lamp and rubs it.

Two days after the surgery, Mick was sitting in one of the local Irish-style taverns, sucking on a beer and trying to ignore the still-present pain.

In the next booth he overheard part of a conversation: "' Oi don't know what's to become of the Parish... "Two Irishmen were walking home after a night on the beer when a severed head rolled along the ground. " "You're having me on now because I'm Irish," said the Irishman. "Upon seeing his son's black eye Murphy asked him, "how'd ye be comin' by that glorious black eye, me lad?

Kneeling near the confessional, waiting their turn, were two middle-aged ladies. Struggling to his feet, he felt something wet running down his leg. "Murphy was selling his house, and put the matter in an agent's hands. Mc Quillan walked into a bar and ordered martini after martini, each time removing the olives and placing them in a jar.

They witnessed Lena's acrobatics with wide eyes, and one said to the other: "Will you just look at the penance Father Sullivan is givin' out this night, and me without me bloomers on! The agent wrote up a sales blurb for the house that made wonderful reading. " Replied Murphy, "Cancel the sale...'tis too good to part with.""Well, Mrs. When the jar was filled with olives and all the drinks consumed, the Irishman started to leave. " "Once upon a time I was an 11 year old Choir boy at the local church. She called me a cheeky little boy and with a flash of her wand, turned me into this frog you see before you." "That's an incredible story" said the priest.

Arriving at the scene, he turned off the water with a sigh, and replaced the faucet washer, ending the emergency.

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She stepped out of the confessional and within sight of Father Sullivan, she went into a series of cartwheels, leaping splits, handsprings and backflips. " Sean replied, "I'm come here fer shelter."O'Connell was staggering home with a pint of booze in his back pocket when he slipped and fell heavily. O'Connor," the solicitor said in considerable exasperation, "you need a reason that the court can consider. " "Ah, well now," said the lady, "Shure it's because the man can't hold an intelligent conversation."Paddy was trapped in a bog and seemed a goner when Big Mick O'Reilly wandered by. The Strong Muldoon could do it alone, mebbe, but Oi'll have to get some help." As Mick was leaving, Paddy called "Mick! D'ye think it will help if Oi pull me feet out of the stirrups?

He was...well, stud is probably the best description. He was determined to salvage what he could of his dignity.

He went to his doctor, and told the doc that he couldn't stand his sex life like this any more; he wanted to be castrated.

The man was delighted and got drunk on this one magic Guiness bottle for weeks then he remembered that he had two other wishes. "Yes master, you have two more wishes, what would you like? "I'm Seamus O'Toole, and I live in the flat above Paddy."As soon as she had finished parochial school, a bright young girl named Lena shook the dust of Ireland off her shoes and made her way to New York where before long, she became a successful performer in show business. "Oi'm always first out of bed." Still hopeful, the solicitor tried once again.

" "You know that magic, never ending Guinness bottle" he asks the Genies. "Well didn't ya know, Paddy, that your wife fell out of the car about five miles back? Eventually she returned to her home town for a visit and on a Saturday night went to confession in the church which she had always attended as a child. "Well, does he go in for unnatural connubial practices?

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