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BERINGER® c'est aussi de l'ingénierie sur tout système de freinage.

La société BERINGER® a toujours lourdement investi dans l’innovation: plus de 10% de son chiffre d’affaires est consacré chaque année au département R&D avec plus de 10 brevets mondiaux.

Perfetti61 - Clearwater Racing (Ferrari 488 GTE) - W.

Cheever III77 - Dempsey-Proton Racing (Porsche 911 RSR) - C. Campbell/tba86 - Gulf Racing (Porsche 911 RSR) - M.

Estre95 - Aston Martin Racing (Aston Martin Vantage AMR) - N.

Turner97 - Aston Martin Racing (Aston Martin Vantage AMR) - A.

Duval29 - Racing Team Nederland (Dallara P217 Gibson) - F.

Tung/Aubry/tba50 - Larbe Competition (Ligier JS P217 Gibson) - F.

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Rowland/tba/tba7 - Toyota Gazoo Racing (Toyota TS050 Hybrid) - M. During times of stress and uncertainty, it is important to share information from official sources only.There are a variety of resources available to help you prepare for emergencies, gather up-to-date information and help visitors plan their travel.Updated guidelines and application form will be available by the end of July.Add the new In 2016, Alberta residents accounted for 14% of BC’s total overnight visitation and continued to be BC’s second largest domestic market.

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