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I wasn’t sure if I should talk to my girlfriend about this.She already made it clear that seeing other people meant breaking up with her and I actually liked her.It was always easier just to go behind her back and sleep with other woman regardless. I can’t count how many times people have told me that.

Surprisingly, this even works for a limited time, but it wasn’t before long that I realized that the traditional committed relationship was just not something I would be interested in.

I can’t believe that something like that never occurred to me before, but once it did, it took me some time to digest and fully accept. Admittedly, I did have to use a dating app to get in touch with some of them, but the kind I’d find using this method wasn’t looking for anything special. I needed to explore this craving of mine, but I could hardly find a mature woman who just happened to look for a long-term relationship.

Until I could figure out how to meet a woman to explore all of these fantasies with, all I could do was deal with a series of one night stands.

At that moment, the Christian Democrats (Christian Democratic Appeal) were not part of the ruling coalition for the first time since the introduction of full democracy.

The special commission finished its work in 1997 and concluded that civil marriage should be extended to include same-sex couples.

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