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"Tommy," Sam said, "this is Alicia Gordon and she just picked your picture out of our book!!!

" Tommy gave the middle aged housewife a quick once over, and then with an absolutely luminant smile, he extended his hand and said, "Very nice to meet you Mrs.

"Oh," Sam replied, "a very good choice, Tommy is one of our most popular young men with our clients!!!

" Sam pushed down the intercom buzzer on her desk and asked her secretary to page Tommy C.

"Uh, oh, yes," Alicia finally stammered, "he'll do just fine, just fine!!!

" Tommy used the electronic key to open the door to suite 313, and ushered Alicia Gordon inside, and after looking around the room, she nervously and opined, "Very nice, don't you think?!?

" "Yes," Tommy replied, "the rooms are quite nice indeed, but we didn't come here to discuss room decor did we!?!

Gordon," Samantha Oliver said, "I've been just been looking over your application and everything seems to be in order!

" "From what I can gather from your app," Sam continued, "you wish to perform oral sex on a young man with a large penis, and then have him reciprocate on you, is that correct!?!

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