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The emails were sent to around 1000 users before the attack was stopped at UTC.If you have received one of these emails please do not follow any attached links, we recommend you delete the emails entirely.You have my sincere apologies for this incident, I know that in coming here you've trusted us with your details and I'm sorry we've let you down. - Jenni Update 2018-07-14: We believe the attacker gained access to admin credentials through malware installed on the admin's computer. We have a new channel now, unfortunately there's no #images channel this time around. To reach the new channel click on the "chat" button at the top of this website.

Derived from the Japanese lolicom/lolicon which, itself, is derived from lolita complex - from Nabokov's novel "Lolita".

I love this idea i'm a spriter myself and I have a lot of loli and shota NPCs, I made other NPCs to, tho I did edited and collected from others spriters aswell.

I even have a idea of a Pedo and Hypno NPCs that can use kids as Pokémon , with the Pokémon moves humans can do maybe even make some up.

Anyway though, I was just hoping to see what the reaction from 8chan would be.

The image I linked is a still shot from a trainer battle.

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