Live flasher cams

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You're into photography, so you probably have a few film canisters laying around. Ask your Pep-Pep.) Give those ancient relics a second life as a diffuser.Cut a rectangular slit in the bottom big enough for your pop-up flash, then attach.There are multiple modes to chose from, and if your camera has a "slow-sync" and/or a "fill flash" mode, learn to use them.

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A white ball is preferable, but the orange variety can produce oddly cool results—try it. This one is great for phone cameras and point-and-shoots where the flash doesn't pop up or move at all.Next, cut a hole near the bottom of the rectangle big enough for your lens to fit through. The lens should now be "wearing" the plastic strip like an upside-down bib.Trim the top down, but keep it long enough so it fully blocks the camera's flash when shooting a portrait.A ping pong ball works great for point-and-shoot cameras with a pop-up flash.Cut a ping pong ball in half, slip it over the popup flash and tape it down.

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