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But the main question is – are you even allowed to have them?How do you find a native speaker who’s going to keep in touch with you for longer than one evening? Needless to say, if it wasn’t for the Internet and the possibilities that it brings, globalisation would probably be a much slower process than it is today.or online messages and chat” – taken from I wish it was that simple, but it hardly ever is.The reality of Interpals can hit you in a few unfortunate ways: 1.You can either study a language all by yourself, or pay someone to guide you and a group of people in this process.

You are also able to share your interests, which is the best possible way to grab someone’s attention for a (possibly) long-term comments/letters/PMs or e-mails exchange.

You learn to express, to impress, to inform; basically exchange thoughts with another human being (often a representative of a totally different cultural context).

One way or another, you have to set your expectations right.

Travelling to distant lands seems to be priceless in terms of meeting new cultures and people that can make us understand them – but as we all know – it can get pricey, as well as energy and time consuming, and most people are simply not able to go around the world – even if that’s what they dream of.

That’s why there’s only one place you have to be – online.

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