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While he makes it quite clear he reached out to Charlie Sheen during that infamous time period, Cryer also states for the record that the two actors have not spoken since their last day on set together. Here’s a few other relevant excerpts: On His New “Two and a Half Men” Co-Star: It’s kind of fun.

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On The Character He Most Closely Associates With: Duckie. And what has been nice is that character has really stuck around for people. After the unsuccessful marriage and controversial divorce with the first wife, he is now with Lisa Joyner.Today, let us take out some time to discuss the personal affairs of the brilliant actor.On What Duckie Would Be Doing Today: I think that anything that I could name would diminish it.It’s like when you go to the reunion and you see that guy you always thought was a quirky, fun, interesting person and he grew up not to be that.

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