Japanese telecaster dating

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Personally, I like original guitars, to some folks it is less important.

Just be aware of what you're looking at before you lay your money down.

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The Charvette Series guitars were initially not in scope for this article, due to mainly being built in Korea, but I have included all the Charvel categories for the sake of completeness.

Eventually, the serial list will maybe include these and also some of the later Charvel imports - the toothpaste models like the 375, 475 etc., to complete the period 1986 - 1991. A neckplate gasket is the square-shaped, black plastic piece seen on the far left. Its primary function is to lower the risk of chipping the paint when refitting the neckplate.

The first year of the Charvel Model Series did not use this gasket (1986).

They were initially made in Japan by Chushin Gakki, having basswood bodies, but soon the entire production of the Charvette Series was moved to Korea, introducing the use of plywood for the body.

So there are most likely both basswood and plywood versions of the 170 and 270 models out there.

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