Is amy dumas dating cm punk

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Unlike Nelson, Coleman knows how to work and could easily be carried to a watchable match by someone as extremely gifted as Punk, who recently had the best match at Wrestle Mania 29 with The Undertaker, someone who is as old and broken down as Coleman is.

Born Phillip Brooks, he became a World Heavyweight Champion and broke the record as the longest reigning champion in the WWE.

Apparently, not everyone was enamored by his celebrity presence, as he somehow managed to rub up UFC Hall Of Famer Mark Coleman the wrong way.

Coleman is an MMA legend, having won two UFC tournaments in 1996, defeated Dan "The Beast" Severn at UFC 12 on Feb.

Remember how at Wrestlemania 29 Punk was still dating Amy Dumas aka Lita, and then by the time Tribute to the Troops came around he was with Lee. Even now the married couple is still private and kudos for them.

Only problem is that the fans want answers and the longer they go without getting those answers, the more abandoned they feel.

I'm sure WWE higher ups are absolutely thrilled at seeing Punk attend three UFC shows on consecutive weekends at the exact same time he's phoned off sick from all WWE appearances.

AJ Lee and her husband have always kept quiet about their personal life together.

Well, this is a bizarre story, which may be worth taking with a big pinch of salt.

What we know for sure is that CM Punk is currently suffering from mental burnout and is plagued with a really messed up right knee.

7th, 1997 to become the first UFC Heavyweight Champion and beat Akira Shoji, Kazuyuki Fujita and Igor Vovchanchyn all on the same night to win the Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals.

In the last nine years of his career, he struggled as an aging underdog, losing six of his last ten fights, but all to big names like Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Filipovic, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Mauricio Rua and Randy Couture.

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