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So, for what it’s worth, here’s a list of the signs I would now take as red flags. But, as I’ve said elsewhere, they’re also junk food without substance. After our second date he told me he wanted to date me exclusively. Within 4 months he talked about wanting to marry me and by 6 months, he was spending a lot more time at my place than his own. How he managed to do work a job or perform life chores was beyond me. Or available to see me after I’d been gone a week out of town. He never canceled a date again — he just got better at taking his life underground.

Please add your own for the benefit of future chumps everywhere. Infatuation feels great, but after a few weeks of dating him, it occurred to me that he liked me a bit too much for someone who didn’t know me that well. I thought this was okay, because he “wanted a commitment.” But I remember saying at other times “What exactly did I do to impress you so much? The shady inability to manage his time was the hugest red flag I got.

Keep in mind any couple of these could be perfectly normal, but added up?

I mistook this for character — I read things into that that were not there, like he was a good person, or he knew how to manage money, or he had any common sense. I should’ve noticed how free he was to spend money on himself — and not on our shared life. I thought my generosity meant he would do the same for me.

What will you look for in the future so you don’t get chumped again?

Keep an eye on your Cryptocurrencies, even while browsing in other tabs.

The dentist, the doctor — they didn’t know their job, he knew more. I projected warm fuzzies on to him that were not there. I was a single mother who earned a fraction of what he earned. And while we did group outings with them, he did not have a group of friends that ever invited him (or us) anywhere.

I stereotyped him — thought he was just an alpha lawyer, a bit jerky.

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The collision of so many differing artistic identities forms the foundation of the exhibition. The non-commercial background of the project allows the initiators to invite both internationally known and less recognized artists to participate, as such the exhibition highlights the influence and importance of artists engagement with the work of their contemporaries.

They say this is the hallmark of the narcissist — they suck at gifts.

) He did some grand gestures, but they always involved something for him too — a nice dinner out, a trip somewhere (that we went Dutch on). Once he recycled something he gave his mother and she didn’t like it.

In contrast to normative curatorial practices, the initiators of Ngorongoro trust in this phenomenon. The exhibition is initiated by Christian Achenbach, Jonas Burgert, Zhivago Duncan, Andrej Golder, John Isaacs, Andreas Mühe, and David Nicholson.

Internationally acclaimed artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster present three works from their prolific back catalogue.

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