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As the Freedom of the Press Foundation notes, no one can guarantee 100 percent security, but this provides a "significantly more secure environment for sources to get information than exists through normal digital channels, but there are always risks." Expose Facts follows all guidelines as recommended by Freedom of the Press Foundation, and whistleblowers should too; the Secure Drop onion URL should only be accessed with the Tor browser -- and, for added security, be running the Tails operating system.Whistleblowers should not log-in to Secure Drop from a home or office Internet connection, but rather from public wifi, preferably one you do not frequent.The messaging is so heavy-handed it would be funny if the consequences weren’t the freedoms of speech and the press.Finally, there’s the laughably inaccurate and awkward slogan “Free speech doesn’t mean careless talk.” Actually, it does.

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In then-secret testimony to Congress in 2012, Directorate of National Intelligence official Robert Litt touted the original Insider Threat Program as a highlight in administrative efforts to “sanction and deter” leaks.

By Jesselyn Radack and Kathleen Mc Clellan The Trump administration has declared a war on media leaks and called for the U. federal workforce and contractors to receive “anti-leak” training.

The centerpiece of Trump’s anti-leak campaign, aside from early morning tweet-storms railing against leakers and media, is the National Insider Threat Taskforce.

It is not only federal employees who receive these trainings, but tens of thousands of government contractors as well.

Companies with any classified access are required to implement an “Insider Threat Program,” an insidious presumption that employees cannot be trusted. comments.” Never mind that the only oath government employees take is to the U. Constitution, not to any government official or the U. government itself and certainly not to a private company.

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