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I’m going to flat out tell you the truth without all the excuses.

Most of the guys who really struggle meeting women have one common problem: They don’t ever leave the house or office!

Remember, friends lead to more friends, and yes, more new women too. Try improv, cooking, photography, music lessons, dancing, yoga/fitness classes, etc.

If you like beer or wine, take a course and learn/taste all the different types.

Take for instance my trip to London, I met a woman from my hometown on my first flight out while waiting in the lounge.

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Their eager to recommend their best hometown restaurants, bars, attractions etc too.

In reality, you can be a woman’s best and only option. Think of gentlemen as the hunters and the prowlers. Now, these places aren’t ground-breaking, although perhaps for you, a few might be.

In reality, most of these places are where guys refuse to go on weekend nights.

Art museums, art galleries, history/science museums and exhibits, etc.

Another thing to consider: A lot of universities host student-based art/design shows throughout the month.

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