How to survive dating a law student

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You will soon learn very few things in law school are brief and to-the-point. In law school, you will literally have to learn an entire new vocabulary. Second, if you go into a finals with only your perspective on an issue you’re destined to fail.The answer to every question in law school is “it depends.” That being said, this advice is only reflective of my first year experience at one particular school. As a general rule, a lot of this is common sense, and thus most people in law school will overthink things or pay too much attention to detail to realize the obvious things right in front of their face. Unless you can tell me the elements of false imprisonment, the Pinkerton rule, the difference between MI, MII, and manslaughter (which I totally forgot), what a 12(b)(6) motion means, The RAP, or the difference between Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment Due Process, then just keep your mouth shut, listen, and absorb everything you can. Yes, there might be certain days when you know you won’t get cold called. It will help when finals come around, AND more importantly when you become a lawyer and are actually expected to know things. If you found your way into law school you’re probably pretty darn smart. Professors want to see analysis and different ways of thinking.Don’t skip over this very important step in your quest for greatness. You will most likely practice whatever the firm that hires you wants you to practice. Get used to public speaking now, before your financial security depends on it. There will be students who only rely on old outlines, supplements, and case briefs they find in a Google search right before class. You can drink, party, and get a tan whenever you want.Nobody knows the type of law they want to practice. You can tell everyone “you work smart, not hard.” Then on graduation day you can proudly hold up your J. degree and say you earned it without breaking a sweat, stressing out a wrinkling, or sprouting a gray hair. As a basketball player, I was taught, “you practice how you play.” Law school is practice for being a lawyer.The library call numbers referred to relate specifically to the collection at the Pace Law Library.

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Once the seating chart goes around you will be stuck in your selected seat for cold calling.[If you have something to say, send it my way: [email protected]] I am a 2L at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. If I were on a reality show, I would be the “I didn’t come here to make friends, I am only here to make a fool of myself for some amount of money that really isn’t that much after taxes” person. Sometimes you need to vent to people who are going through the same nonsense as you. It’s nice to have a table to eat lunch at, even if you’re wearing track pants and your hair is in a ponytail (it’s a Mean Girls reference).I intend for this to be a brief, perhaps blunt, and to-the-point list of advice for 1L’s entering law school or students thinking about law school. Everyone will remind you that you do not know anything! A lot of really smart people are used to only relying on themselves. There are some very nice people in law school, and some plastics too so beware (Mean Girls reference continued).Do not pass GO, do not collect 0, just accept the fact that for possibly the first time in your life your natural wit and charm will not suffice. You probably had a good undergrad GPA and did well on the LSAT. If your law school did a good job then you will have a diverse 1L class.I don’t care if your dads a lawyer, if your great great second uncle twice removed signed the Constitution, or if you’re the mock trial champion of the universe; be humble. Now you’re in a room with several hundred other people who all had their straight “A” report cards hanging on mommy’s fridge. If you do a good job, your friend circle and study group will also be diverse.

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