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Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants release their self-titled debut album on 12 July and it moves away from Shiflett’s previous punk roots to a more unlikely avenue."One of my favourite kinds of music is old country and old rockabilly and modern Americana like Sun Volt, Wilco and Ryan Adams, I love all that stuff," he told NME.

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Chris Shiflett is to release brand new Americana inspired album Foo Fighter Chris Shiflett has unveiled a new side project, which will embrace the guitarist’s passion for Americana.Working with his old mates brings out the best in Raul and his musical instincts.We look forward to your feedback, we can open a cooperation!As the writer or co-writer of the album’s material, his songs are a melting pot of genres, with the ability to appeal to everyone from, as Malo puts it, “rednecks to Cubans, Mexicans to gringos to WASPs.” Or as Eddie Perez explains more simply, the album is “inclusive.” Indeed it is this very essence that has been both a boon and a hindrance to the band’s success.With its first major label release twenty years ago The Mavericks were marketed to country music stations but the band, living up to its name, never quite fit the genre.

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