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If either one of you ignores the text, it’s kinda just... In 21st-century dating, there is no such thing as black and white. And often within that haze, you’ll find yourself staring at the person you’ve just finished sleeping with and pondering “what the hell are we? It stands for “Without Established Labels Person” and you can now apply it to the dude or lady who’s currently blowing up your phone with the phrase “hey u up?? You don’t call each other on the phone to check in. A WELP differs from the myriad other categories for sexual partners out there by proudly declaring that a label, in fact, does not necessarily matter when it comes to somebody you’re having sex with.A WELP is a testament to the transience of the 21st-century dating scene in the sense that neither party would really give a flying shit if the other fell off the face of the Earth.You’re never quite able to close the book on whatever weird, ambiguous bastard-child-of-a-relationship you had because it was never 100 percent over.The sick, destructive part of your brain might continue to hold out hope that he’ll text back, because maybe he’s just been really busy for the past five months, or maybe he realized that he liked you so, so much that he was too scared to text you. He’s not interested; If he were interested, he would contact me. when you get roped into texting someone from Tinder and then realize you have zero desire to meet them.

If they want to have sex, they text you; if you want to have sex, you text them.

You don't need to prepare them an official "Sorry, Not Interested" certificate, but be a goddamn human and use your words.

Have you been seeing someone on the regular who satisfies one critical need in your life (hint: sex)?

You’re certainly not talking about anything interesting with someone who’s in your life for the sole purpose of an orgasm and it’s hard to believe that a meaningful connection can grow from a few lackluster pumps and groans over the course of a few months.

Labels serve a necessary function in the dating ecosystem, because they draw the lines of a relationship and decide where two people who sleep together go after they’re done sleeping together.

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