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All kinds of history - United States national history, state history, regional history, continental history, world history, ancient history, military history, it doesn’t matter, I like it all and never cease to be amazed at the stories and events that have happened throughout time that influence us so significantly today.

The Viking exploration of North America is one such event that remained virtually unrecognized for hundreds of years until relatively recent times.

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My friend and associate Kevin Corcoran and I were in Virginia working on a project in early 2005.

We had both recently purchased new Harley- Davidson motorcycles and were discussing taking a road trip with the ladies.

Sometime around 1,000 AD Norsemen arrived in Newfoundland at the tip of the Great Northern Peninsular and established a camp.

Norse contacts with the New World continued sporadically until at least the mid-14th century, and knowledge of the new lands likely remained among European sailors, facilitating the reopening of the Atlantic sea lanes in the 1490s.’ I can remember as a youngster the hoopla this discovery created and have recently again viewed the newsreels with Italian-American citizenry up in arms when they learned that Columbus had been upstaged.

All in all it didn’t make much difference in the long run, but I have an interest in Viking history and thought that one day I’d like to check this settlement out… Well, many, many moons have passed since that time but I never forgot.

This is the site of the first known European settlement in North America and in the 1960’s excavations proved unequivocally that this was a fact.

The Vikings were in North America 500 years before Columbus ‘sailed the ocean blue’.

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