From dating to boyfriend girlfriend

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That is - living in NY I encounter this frequently with other singles - when you have a very casual sexual relationship with someone where 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' would be making it more serious than it need be but 'lover' sounds dated and falls short of describing the whole relationship.

In this modern society it seems all things change faster than the words to express them!Partner is just fine so far as I'm concerned as I don't just see it as a business arrangment.The word "partner" when applied to a relationship means, to me, a relationship where both parties have equal responsibilities and rights, are working together towards mutual goals, who support each other in times of trouble and in achieving mutual and individual goals and who are there to recognise and congratulate personal and shared achievements, among other things.(That's actually how the verb form of intimate, meaning "give to understand; imply as a possibility" is pronounced, but no matter.) I thought this was a clever suggestion, putting a new spin on old words, but I'm not holding my breath for inti-mate to displace boyfriend and girlfriend any time soon.Robert is hardly alone in his feeling that boyfriend and girlfriend are inappropriate terms to refer to grown adults in committed relationships.

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