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There they would wait days or weeks before embarking on the sailing ship Elise and Mathilda at Bremen about April 2 and arriving in Castle Garden in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan New York on Monday, May 23, 1864.Cleveland “(August Radditz) was seven years of age when he was brought to the United States (to) his parents and the journey across the ocean took seven weeks and three days.More will be written on this later), followed by August (1832), Louisa (Raddatz ’35), Frederich (’41), Johan (’46) and Albertine (Priebe ’49).Karl and Louise lived during the time when the last of the manorial system was being dismantled.

However, some grammatical errors have been corrected, and annotations have been added where necessary for clarity.

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This alone is enough evidence to call into question Carl Anton Priebe’s true birth date and place.

Additionally, the Priebe surname is found in large numbers throughout the surrounding areas in the 1717 Hufenklassifikation.

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