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Only published studies (in English – full text) about accommodative lenses implanted in human clinical trials and with evidence level Grade I or II were included for the purpose of this publication.

This fact made these lenses to be almost abandoned in the last few years, but there are currently other AIOL models being used with innovative mechanisms of action and different anatomical support outside the capsular bag that offer encouraging preliminary results that could bring a new potential of application to these types of lenses.

The change in the refractive power of the eye, when the image of a near object is brought into focus on the retina, is defined as accommodation; such a process must involve an increase in the dioptric power of the system [ It is the difference in refractive power of the eye in the two states of complete relaxation and maximal accommodation.

The amplitude of accommodation decreases progressively with age (presbyopia): in a ten year old child it is, on average, about 14 D; at forty it is 6 D; and at 60 it is only about 1 D.

This concept refers to any other method that changes the power of the whole optical system of the eye or changes partly the way in which it works in order to relieve patients for near distance vision.

Nevertheless, pseudoaccommodation is not a real restoration of accommodation [The theory of accommodation is largely based on Helmholz's ideas: the capsule has sufficient elasticity to mold the lens into a more strongly curved system than what is necessary for distance vision.

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