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She points out that "three dates do not a relationship make." We're not talking here—don't hesitate to return his call in a timely fashion. Once he is confident of your affections, he might revert to type and treat you like everyone else he "cares" about.13. At first glance you felt more of an urge to hold his hand than jump his bones?

These are things that you can start finding out in as little as a date or two.8. "Let the guy know you like him, but don't take his initial interest as a signal to latch on to him right away," Kelleher suggests. How does he get along with siblings, cousins and friends? If the answer to those questions is not too well, take heed.If she's hot and you're well, bothered, the chances of being badly affected when your girl is hit on are pretty high.Especially if other guys feel that they are more in her "league" than you.If he's still hung up on her, his heart has no room for you.5. You both need to be emotionally healthy to forge a successful relationship, says Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D., who founded a cyber matchmaking service called e in 2000.

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