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Dating is niche and has a shelf-life All this churn is especially complicated by the fact that the dating market at any given time is pretty niche.

Similar to buying a car, refinancing your student loans, or moving into a new house, the reality is that being “in the market” as a single person looking to meet others has a limited time window.

Here are the reasons usually given for why investors don’t do dating: Let’s break it down.

Built-in churn Churn sucks, and the better your dating product works, the more your customers will churn*.

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Here’s some data on the few dating cos that have raised.You can imagine why successful public Saa S companies try to keep their monthly churn under 2%.So what do the churn rates look like for a dating product? Let’s calculate that: 20% monthly churn = 1-(1-0.2)^12 = 93% annual churn You read that right.As you might imagine, that creates the wrong incentives.A product focused on casual dating, like Tinder, might escape this dilemma, but dating products generally have built-in churn that’s unavoidable.

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