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Cyberbullying on social media is linked to depression in teenagers, according to new research that analyzed multiple studies of the online phenomenon.

Victimization of young people online has received an increasing level of scrutiny, particularly after a series of high-profile suicides of teenagers who were reportedly bullied on various social networks.

However, Hamm said, one of the 10 studies did follow the teens over time and found that the cyberbullying preceded the teens' depression, hinting at a causal relationship.

The research also found that the more cyberbullying a teen experienced, the more severe his or her symptoms of depression.

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A depressing effect In the new review, Hamm and her colleagues combed through studies on cyberbullying and social media, finding 36 that investigated the effects of cyberbullying on health in teens ages 12 to 18.

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In 2013, for example, a spate of suicides was linked to the social network, where users can ask each other questions anonymously.

The deaths of teens who had been subject to abuse on the site prompted (which was acquired by in 2014) to launch new safety efforts.

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