Chantal sutherland mike smith dating

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I never thought in my life I'd see another woman rider who could ride heads up with the guys.

That's one thing, but with the cameras rolling too? " Then the girlfriend asks "So when are you guys gettin' married? " With better editing, we might know if Mike really was choking or just feigning it.

Grew up on a little ranch in Arizona, been around horses since he could walk. That was pretty darn scary last March when we went to Dubai—talk about a long plane ride—for that big deal race and Bobby had a heart attack. You had to feel for him too, losing the Breeders’ Cup by a hair on Zenyatta—talk about a hot mare. When you meet Bobby, don’t forget to compliment him about his mane. I just hope the Romneys don’t have their eye on me.

That Drosselmeyer, I mean dude, he came out of nowhere! My rider, Chantal Sutherland, had been dating D’s jockey Mike Smith and had Did Smith have the last laugh or what? Do you know he named his kid after that skier dude?

I’m not sure Torre even appreciates how hard I work for him.

I was soooo distracted I couldn’t keep my head in the race.

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