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Sally Mc Donald, a photographer who took the pictures displayed in Carson Drew's office, buys a picturesque new house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania.

But one day, she calls Nancy saying she desperately needs her detective skills.

Nancy has accepted an internship to be Deputy Curator at the Beech Hill Museum in Washington D.

C., but when a priceless artifact is stolen with an eerie red handprint left in its place, Nancy finds herself saddled with yet another mystery to solve.

One day when Nancy was still a little girl, her mother left to visit Scotland and was subsequently killed in a car crash.

Her father, lawyer Carson Drew, hired a housekeeper named Hannah Gruen to be Nancy's mother figure.

She invites Nancy to go with her to the Royal Palladium theater in St.

Louis to interview television star Brady Armstrong, who is giving the last premiere the theater will ever see because it is scheduled to be demolished in just three days.

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She quickly learns that whether or not the treasure exists, the dangers are definitely real!A few moments after Maya enters Brady's dressing room, Nancy hears her scream and call out Nancy's name.When Nancy bursts in, Maya is gone without a trace.Wickford castle, where they are staying, is full of spine-tingling surprises and strange secrets!the castle holds a mystery over 2 centuries old- rumor of a hidden treasure by Marie Antoinette.

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