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Sounds like you're in for a hectic year, doesn't it?With so many characters (well, not really, I guess?If you picked the other option, then Nori had his mind fixed on his choice by the time he talked to you at the park and has already fully given up on living.He does have a couple of Yuito-specific events, which are remnants of what was supposed to be his complete route.) to romance, a different bunch of things that you can buy with your money (that increases your stats... ) and a bunch of character-specific events to unlock, Starlight Dreamers (Himeji Gakuen) is the brainchild of many many years of experience (that I gained over the years since my first time making the 2014 version - which was my first game) and many, many, many hours of hard work put in.

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Please do leave a comment here on what you think of it!It'd be really helpful if possible Can confirm, Masao is my fave! So I'll have to play both and see which I prefer Might be close.His route involves various aspects of insanity and to some extent, psychiatric illnesses.Starlight Dreamers is now available on Google Play here: 9197431597 To everyone who has already downloaded the game, I have uploaded a new version "" in the download link that has been bug-proofed (at least there shouldn't be any major bugs that will hinder you from getting any endings) and corrected of some typos and image location errors.As an apology, I have also included a new Guide that should be able to help you achieve 100% for Nori, Masao, Masao & Ren [and Unknown's ending] in one playthrough.

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